Magic Child

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Author: Justine Larbalestier
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780143007371
Imprint/Brand: Puffin
Release Date: Jun 2007
Format: B Paperback
Series: Magic 03
Number of Pages: 288
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Young Adult

A week ago, fifteen-year-old Reason Cansino didn't even know magic existed. Now she's been given more power than she could ever have imagined. Suddenly, Reason can do anything, go anywhere, and live for centuries . . .
The only cost? Her humanity.
As Reason begins to lose herself in the intoxicating essence of magic, her friends Tom and Jay-Tee must choose between magic and death, or madness.
Justine Larbalestier's critically acclaimed Magic or Madness trilogy comes to a breathtaking conclusion in this third and final instalment.

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