Eye of the Serpent

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Author: Robert N Charrette
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780061054990
ISBN: 0061054992
Imprint/Brand: Harper Prism
Release Date: Sep 1996
Format: A Paperback
Series: Aelwyn 2
Number of Pages: 328
Price $AUD: Now $10.00
Was $14.95
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Categories: Fantasy

Since the Timespell set them free, Yan Tanafres and Teletha have wandered far, seeking the lost city and the screts of the Dark Ones. But now Yan's quest is interrupted by war, for the land of Kolvin is besieged. The beastlike Bregil are joyously butchering yougn and old, rich and poor alike.
The attackers wear moonstone amulets, almost like an eye, and the wizardry animating the bregil hordes has its source in a creature both familiar and strange, incredibly ancient and terrifying new. A dragon.
In the slaughter that sweeps like a storm across the land, Teletha will prove herself a warrior, and Yan will face the greatest test of any mage. Did he master the magical arts to be a Maker... Or a Destroyer?

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