Fingerprints on a Glass Map

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Image of Fingerprints on a Glass Map.

Author: David Clancy
Barcode/ISBN13: 5800049859561
Imprint/Brand: Lulu
Release Date: Sep 2010
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 190
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Book
Science Fiction
Anthology / Collection / Short Stories
Australian Author

A collection of science fiction short stories from Australian based author David Clancy, featuring acclaimed works of imagination that challenge and compel.

“Fingerprints on a Glass Map” is a collection of short speculative fiction. The lives of each story are as linked as with the reincarnation of the phoenix. Born from the ashes of the previous tale, a unique life develops, stretching its wings of prose and ideas until it has fulfilled its purpose. Each leaves its own signature; just as unique as a fingerprint.

This collection contains thirteen works of fiction. Their content and appeal vary drastically. Included are treatises that;
* Prove that simple human endeavours can triumph over technology.
*Explores the tenacity of life and how the drive to survive overshadows sentiment or sensibility
*Shows a world where addiction is reinvented and redesigned.
*Demonstrates the ease of alien invasion without force and its infiltration into the fabric of mankind.
*Portrays the realisation of what is truly important to us, surfaces during a disaster.
*Investigates our reactions to the manipulations of a covert society upon our very physicality.
*Discussing how art is a conceptual idea, experienced by us but dictated by people who believe that they know the answer.
*Have you ever truly wished to be something that you weren't? Can that wish be fulfilled?
*Explores the covert world of espionage through digitalisation and company espionage.
*Delivers the ultimate form of revenge where, upon gaining everything, the protagonist loses everything.
*Surprise arrives in small packages. Often we gain unexpected insights that alter our entire mindset.
*Resurrection is the joy of rebirth but people are so blasé that they die to re-live.
From the above swirls, patterns and smudges of the short promptings above, can you discern which fingerprint belongs to which story?

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