Decay 9

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Image of Decay 9.

Barcode/ISBN13: 19491
Imprint/Brand: Dark Oz
Release Date: Sep 2011
Format: Magazine
Series: Decay 9
Number of Pages: 52
Price $AUD: $8.00
Categories: Magazine / Periodical
Graphic Novel / Manga

DECAY designer Dave Heinrich supplies the front cover, in a tribute to DECAY's flagship story "Oz Zombie" and the original protagonists Dan & Sally with their yellow VJ Valiant hardtop. Dan & Sally also return inside, with the Valiant, in a 6 page story drawn by Cristian Navarro and set before other 'Dan % Sally' stories. But the BIG NEWS for this issue is the return to comics of "Killeroo" by original creator Darren Close. He also supplies a 2-page 'behind the scenes' article. The "Sisters" are featured with great 'girly' art by Danikah Harrison. There are "hosts" by industry legends Chris Wahl and Glenn Lumsden. "Tales 2 Tremble By" continue with 7 short stories, including work by Dave Follett and Tanya Nicholls. A back cover by the popular Gee Hale and lots more, including a free new release DVD competition.

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