Magic the Gathering at Infinitas

Image of Magic the Gathering being played at Infinitas.
Image of Magic the Gathering being played at Infinitas.

Infinitas no longer hosts MTG games.

These MTG games lost their venue as the bookshop closed. However, another shop has since opened in Parramatta focussing on Magic the Gathering and so hosts games. The Games Cube in Phillip Street is near our old site.

Infinitas hosts Magic the Gathering games at the shop. There are regular games once a month on the 4th Thursday evening of the month. Games start at 6pm and finish up around 9pm. These are casual games run for fun and to introduce new players to the game. The regular players are happy to explain how to play. Experienced players are welcome too. Feel free to just turn up and join in. All welcome.

We normally run a limited draft of 6 boosters for $30 from which players make up a deck. Bring your own land cards. The shop will provide land cards no charge to assist play. At the end of the evening we may have some special cards to give away as prizes.

We set up tables and chairs outside the shop in the arcade which is quiet on Thursday evenings. Assistance in setting up and packing away at the end is appreciated.

We have run games on some Saturdays too. If interested please let us know. For MTG games to work, it is best to have several players. If there is enough demand we will run additional games.

We report who attends and the result of the games to Wizards so that they continue to support us with materials and list us on their website. If you have a RPGA number, let us know for accurate reporting.

Infinitas runs these MTG games suporting gamers in the hope the gamers will support the shop, so please do and have fun.