Scott Sigler at Infinitas 30th March 2010

Scott Sigler visited Infinitas on a wet Tuesday evening 30th March 2010. Scott was due to arrive at 5pm but fans started arriving before 4pm. The shop filled with keen fans but Scott was stuck in traffic and arrived a little late. Ashley, who had picked Scott up from his hotel in the city phoned with updates from the road so we did not worry. Having a shop filled with keen readers is not a problem for a bookshop like Infinitas. Some had travelled far to attend; from Dapto, Orange, Lake Macquarie, Gosford, Cessnock as well as across Sydney. FDO fans are keen!

Scott, also known as Future Dark Overlord (FDO), arrived with a bag full of copies of his latest novel, The Rookie, which made Infinitas one of the few bookshops in the world with stock of this title.

Scott soon settled in to perform a reading from Ancestor, his new release novel. This he performed with pasion and kept the crowd rapt. The reading was followed by a question and answer session. This meant we gained insight into the process of producing podcasts, dealing with publishers and filmmakers, the variations between podcast and printed stories, the bluff and confidence required as an author, future directions and hopes, and we heard some of his anecdotes. Later Scott settled down at a table to sign books for readers. This he did with various comments in people's books. In my book he wrote "Thanks for having me out, and save Perry's balls." Some fans bought books of stories they had already heard via Scott's free podcasts.

Fans mingled and found much to discuss amoungst themselves while Scott signed and chatted with his readers. Many may have met online before, but this event allowed them to meet in person for the first time.

After all books were signed and book purchases completed, we wandered across George Street to The Roxy, the old cinema converted to a pub resturant and nightclub, where discussions continued with modest drinking, several pizzas and great comradarie. The Future Dark Overlord was in his element, dressed in black in a dark bar surrounded by fans. Scott answered the question what other authors are you reading (Alastair Reynolds, Jim Butcher and others) and mentioned he had just finished the first of the Dresden Files, so Infinitas shouted him the next book in the series.

If you want to know what happened to Perry's balls, you will have to read Infected by Scott Sigler.

Thank you to Ashley for some of these photos.

Scott Sigler`s book listing.