Kylie Chan at Infinitas 24th June 2011

Kylie Chan visited Infinitas 2pm Friday 24-06-2011. This visit was part of a signing tour sponsored by HarperCollins, her publisher. Kylie had visited us before in 2009 so we knew she would be popular.

Kylie attracted a happy crowd of dozens with a queue waxing and waning of fans wanting their books signed. Many wanted a photo with Kylie and all wanted a chat. Kylie patiently signed messages into books and stamped them with her personalised red ink stamp. As the photos show it was a happy group of fans, some were very gushy. Once the fans had left, we had Kylie sign the many books left at the shop by readers who could not be at the shop for her visit, but had left their books with us. Also, she signed our shelf stock, so if you would like a signed book of Kylie's, ask us soon before they are all gone.

Kylie did share some minor plot spoilers from her next series with the fans which we won't repeat here. However, we can say Kylie is contracted to HarperCollins for another trilogy with the same lead characters, following directly on from Heaven to Wudang, with no 10 year gap like between the prior series. Expect the first to be published mid 2012. The prequel is still on hold. There is some progress on a graphic novel to be illustrated by Queenie Chan.

Kylie Chan`s book listing.