Kate Elliott at Infinitas 30th August 2010

Kate Elliott visited Infinitas on Monday evening 30th August 2010. She was travelling through Sydney to attend Aussiecon in Melbourne the following week, and kindly aggreed to a book signing following emails from us.

After (mis)adventures with the ferry (it was low tide and the bus driver was late), Kate chatted with customers and signed books until almost 8.30pm. She had intended to use the first person style of Cold Magic (her current release title) to help her keep her world building under control, but apparently book 2 is already substantially longer and isnít finished yet. Kate enjoys writing about the consequences of actions, such as what happens after the war is over and the menfolk and horses have been killed or wounded and no-one is left to till the fields. She has plans for a second trilogy as well as a stand-alone title in the Spirit Gate world, and has ďabout 17Ē novels that need writing at the moment.

We have only a few photos, but her visit did precipitate many book sales which is good for the shop as well as the author.

She signed shelf stock as well as customers' copies, so we may still have signed books - ask us at the shop.

Kate Elliott`s book listing.