D and D Day

Players at the D&D day.

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Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition was released on 6th June 2008. The following day we celebrated by taking part in Worldwide D&D Day (Saturday 7th June 2008). Wizards of the Coast provided us with kits which each included 5 pre-prepared 1st level characters with sheet and miniature, dice, module for the DM and suficient rules to run those characters though the module. Players got to keep their character's miniature, character sheet and a d20.
Several dozen players participated and 5 dungeon masters. To fit everyone we ran 2 sessions, one starting at 9am and the next a bit after midday. We took over the arcade in front of the shop with posters, tables, chairs and plenty of bodies.
Martin B. donated and prepared tables, David lent us chairs, the DM's donated time and effort. The DM's met 2 weeks earlier and play tested the module, achieving a result of total party killed.
On the day, only one party all died, one party rompted through the dungeon, and the others mostly enjoyed success somewhere between.