Charles Stross at Infinitas 25th August 2010

Charles Stross was in Australia for AussieCon in Melbourne early in September being Worldcon 2010. We asked him to visit us before he attended Aussiecon. He has quite a fan base and many came in to meet him and get books signed. Some readers who could not attend left books to be signed.

In one photo baby Cthulhu can been seen sitting on a chair. Cthulhu supervises Charlie on his public appearances.

He answered questions for almost an hour before doing a reading from The Fuller Memorandum and signed many books for keen fans. He is working on Laundry book 4 (before itís even contracted for!), and a sort-of-sequel to Halting State. He has ideas for a sequel to Saturnís Children, and is working on a collaboration with Cory Doctorow. Donít expect any more Merchant Princes titles in the short term, as the series is on hiatus, but may return in a ďnext generationĒ series.

During conversations on ebooks, Charles showed off his shiny iPad with copies of the new books by Greg Bear and Vernor Vinge (which none of us lesser beings are allowed for another 6 months! They were eARC's - ebook advanced review copies).

Charles Stross`s book listing.