Alastair Reynolds visiting Infinitas

Alastair Reynolds

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On Saturday 6th January, Infinitas hosted Alastair Reynolds. While the 2 publicity minders from Hachette Livre, his publisher, were trying to promote his 2 new releases, Alastair prefered to talk about his forthcoming novels, The Prefect (coming in June) and its sequel. Tim asked for the title of the as yet unwritten sequel, and Alastair answered “Orbit of Ghosts”. This surprised the publishers and his wife Josette, who said even she had been unable to get this out of him. Fans will be pleased to hear there are these 2 Revelation Space novels yet to come, which are crime stories set in the Glitter Band of Yellowstone. Infinitas now has some signed copies of Alastair’s books, which are generally hard science fiction space operas, epic in scale, where space is dangerous and the stories are around the scientists trying to survive.

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