Bestselling Books of 2005

These are the top 100 (or so) best selling books in our shop during 2005. Sales of different formats of the same book were combined for each title. An asterix * indicates an Australian author.

RankingBook TitleAuthor
1 The Raft Alan Mills *
2 Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince J K Rowling
3 Shaman's Crossing Robin Hobb
4 Knife of Dreams Robert Jordan
5 Crown of Slaves David Weber & Eric Flint
6 A Feast for Crows George R R Martin
7 Moving Target Elizabeth Moon
8 The Shadow of Saganami David Weber
9 Star Wars: The Unseen Queen Troy Denning
10 At All Costs David Weber
=11 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Matthew Stover
=11 Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol One Bill Congreve & Michelle Marquardt (editors) *
=13 Exile's Return Raymond E Feist
=13 Flight of the Nighthawks Raymond E Feist
=13 Thud! Terry Pratchett
=13 Star Wars: The Joiner King Troy Denning
17 Hammered Elizabeth Bear
18 Going Postal Terry Pratchett
=19 Ascent Sean Williams & Shane Dix (Australian Authors)
=19 Star Wars: Yoda Dark Rendezvous Sean Stewart
=21 Orphanage Robert Buettner
=21 Seduced By Moonlight Laurell K Hamilton
=23 The Innocent Mage Karen Miller *
=23 Monument Ian Graham
=23 Sliding Scales Alan Dean Foster
=23 Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil James Luceno
=27 Ringworld's Children Larry Niven
=27 Star Wars: The Swarm War Troy Denning
=29 Doctor Who: The Deviant Strain Justin Richards
=29 Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Chronicles Lance Parkin
=29 Doctor Who: Only Human Gareth Roberts
=29 Doctor Who: Stealer of Dreams Steve Lyons
=29 Judas Unchained Peter F Hamilton
=29 King of Foxes Raymond E Feist
=35 Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man Justin Richards
=35 Eldest Christopher Paolini
=35 Forgotten Realms: The Two Swords R A Salvatore
=35 The Good, The Bad, And the Undead Kim Harrison
=35 Incubus Dreams Laurell K Hamilton
=35 Lord of the Silver Bow David Gemmell
=35 The Shining City Kate Forsyth *
=35 Star Trek Titan: Taking Wing Andy Mangels & Michael A Martin
=35 Weapons of Choice John Birmingham *
=44 1634: The Galileo Affair Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis
=44 Doctor Who: Monsters Inside Stephen Cole
=44 Doctor Who: The Winner Takes All Jacqueline Raynor
=44 Emerald Sea John Ringo
=44 Every Which Way But Dead Kim Harrison
=44 A Flame In Hali Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J Ross
=44 Trading in Danger Elizabeth Moon
=44 Wellspring of Chaos L E Modesitt Jr
=44 Warhammer 40,000: Deus Sanguinius James Swallow
=44 Windrider's Oath David Weber
=54 Bite Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight & Vickie Taylor
=54 Chainfire Terry Goodkind
=54 The Ethos Effect L E Modesitt Jr
=54 A Hat Full of Sky Terry Pratchett
=54 The Hero John Ringo & Michael Z Williamson
=54 Homeward Bound Harry Turtledove
=54 On Basilisk Station David Weber
=54 Orphan's Destiny Robert Buettner
=54 Serenity Keith R A deCandido
=54 Undead and Unwed MaryJanice Davidson
=54 Warhammer 40,000: Traitor General Dan Abnett
=54 Where's My Cow Terry Pratchett
=66 The Etched City K J Bishop *
=66 Haunted Kelley Armstrong
=66 Serenity: The Official Visual Companion
=66 Warlord Jennifer Fallon *
=66 Warhammer 40,000: Crimson Tears Ben Counter
=71 Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Queen of the Slayers Nancy Holder
=71 Doctor Who: The Time Travellers Simon Guerrier
=71 Lost and Found Alan Dean Foster
=71 Scardown Elizabeth Bear
=71 Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Dominion and Ferenginar David R George III & Keith R A deCandido
=71 Stroke of Midnight, A Laurell K Hamilton
=71 Warhammer 40,000: Deus Encarmine James Swallow
=78 Dark Secret Christine Feehan
=78 Dead To The World Charlaine Harris
=78 Deathstalker Return Simon R Green
=78 Designated Targets John Birmingham *
=78 Doctor Who: Fear Itself Nick Wallace
=78 Doctor Who: World Game Terrance Dicks
=78 The Hallowed Hunt Lois McMaster Bujold
=78 Star Trek The Next Generation: Engines of Destiny Gene DeWeese
=78 Star Trek Voyager: Cohesion Jeffrey Lang
=78 Star Wars: Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader James Luceno
=78 Star Wars: Survivor's Quest Timothy Zahn
=78 Warhammer 40,000: Traitor's Hand Sandy Mitchell
=90 The Burning Bridge John Flanagan *
=90 Dragonsblood Todd McCaffrey
=90 Doctor Who: Island of Death Barry Letts
=90 Doctor Who: Match of the Day Chris Boucher
=90 Eragon Christopher Paolini
=90 Kris Longknife: Deserter Mike Shepard
=90 Kris Longknife: Mutineer Mike Shepard
=90 Myth-taken Identity Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye
=90 Priestess of the White Trudi Canavan *
=90 Saint Vidicon To the Rescue Christopher Stasheff
=90 Sins of the Night Sherrilyn Kenyon
=90 Star Wars: The Cestus Deception Steven Barnes
=90 Star Wars: Jedi Trial David Sherman & Dan Cragg
=90 Talon of the Silver Hawk Raymond E Feist
=90 Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams
=90 Undead and Unemployed MaryJanice Davidson
=90 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Ascension C S Goto

Last updated 16th August 2006. Re-formatted 16-09-2008.