Bestselling Books of 2004

During the year, we speculate often on which books will be the annual best sellers. Finally we have the statistics.

RankingBook TitleAuthor
Equal First Heirs of Earth Sean Williams & Shane Dix (Australian)
Equal First Cyteen C J Cherryh
Equal First Dragon's Kin Anne & Todd McCaffrey
Forth A Hat Full of Sky Terry Pratchett
Fifth March to the Stars David Weber & John Ringo
Sixth Incubus Dreams Laurell K Hamilton
Seventh New Spring Robert Jordan
Equal Eighth Going Postal Terry Pratchett
Equal Eighth The Wee Free Men Terry Pratchett
Equal Eighth Star Wars: Battle Surgeons Michael Reves & Steve Perry
Equal Eighth Star Wars: Jedi Healer Michael Reves & Steve Perry
Twelth Swords of Night and Day David Gemmell
Equal Thirteenth Exile's Valor Mercedes Lackey
Equal Thirteenth The Service of the Sword David Weber et al
Equal Fifteenth Bridge of Souls Fiona McIntosh (Australian)
Equal Fifteenth Kushiel's Avatar Jacqueline Carey
Equal Fifteenth Star Wars: Tatooine Ghost Troy Denning
Equal Fifteenth The Shadow of Saganami David Weber
Equal Nineteenth Forgotten Realms: The Lone Drow R A Salvatore
Equal Nineteenth Hell's Faire John Ringo
Equal Nineteenth Star Trek New Frontier: Stone and Anvil Peter David
Equal Nineteenth Star Wars: Survivor's Quest Timothy Zahn
Equal Twentythird Ninety East Ridge Stephen Reilly (Australian)
Equal Twentythird Blood & Memory Fiona McIntosh (Australian)
Equal Twentythird Cerulean Sins Laurell K Hamilton
Equal Twentythird Exile's Return Raymond E Feist
Equal Twentythird Jimmy the Hand Raymond E Feist
Equal Twentythird Legends II Robert Silverberg (editor) et al
Equal Twentythird Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time To Die
John Vornholt
Equal Twentythird Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time to Harvest
Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Equal Twentythird Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time to Heal
David Mack
Equal Twentythird Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time To Sow
Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Equal Twentythird Star Trek Voyager: Old Wounds Christie Golden
Equal Twentythird Trading in Danger Elizabeth Moon
Equal Twentythird Wolfblade Jennifer Fallon (Australian)
Equal Thirtysixth Joust Mercedes Lackey
Equal Thirtysixth King Of Foxes Raymond E Feist
Equal Thirtysixth Monstrous Regiment Terry Pratchett
Equal Thirtysixth Pandora's Star Peter F Hamilton
Equal Thirtysixth Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time To Hate
Robert Greenberger
Equal Thirtysixth Star Wars: The Cestus Deception Steven Barnes
Equal Fortysecond Forever Shores Peter McNamara & Margaret Winch (Australians)
Equal Fortysecond Across The Face of The World Russell Kirkpatrick (New Zealand)
Equal Fortysecond Betrayal Fiona McIntosh (Australian)
Equal Fortysecond Killswitch Joel Shepard (Australian)
Equal Fortysecond No Phule Like an Old Phule Robert Asprin & Peter J Heck
Equal Fortysecond Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time for War, A Time For Peace
Keith R A deCandido
Equal Fortysecond Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time To Be Born
John Vornholt
Equal Fortysecond Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time To Kill
David Mack
Equal Fortysecond Star Trek Stargazer: Maker Michael Jan Friedamn
Equal Fiftyfirst Southern Blood Bill Congreve (editor) (Australian)
Equal Fiftyfirst Fool's Fate Robin Hobb
Equal Fiftyfirst Star Trek Lost Era:
2355-2357 Deny Thy Father
Jeff Mariotte
Equal Fiftyfirst Star Trek Next Generation:
A Time to Love
Robert Greenberger
Equal Fiftyfirst Star Trek Starfleet Corps of Engineers:
Keith R A deCandido et al
Equal Fiftyfirst Star Wars New Jedi Order:
The Unifying Force
James Luceno
Equal Fiftyfirst There Will Be Dragons John Ringo
Equal Fiftyeighth Voyage of the Shadowmoon Sean McMullen (Australian)
Equal Fiftyeighth Echoes of Earth Sean Williams & Shane Dix (Australians)
Equal Fiftyeighth Brilliance of the Moon Lian Hearn (Australian)
Equal Fiftyeighth Confusion, The Neal Stephenson
Equal Fiftyeighth Doctor Who: The Indestructible Man Simon Messingham
Equal Fiftyeighth Forgotten Realms: Extinction Lisa Smedman
Equal Fiftyeighth Mechwarrior Dark Ages: Patriot's Stand Mike Moscow
Equal Fiftyeighth Naked Empire, The Terry Goodkind
Equal Fiftyeighth Star Trek Enterprise:
Daedalus's Children
Dave Stern
Equal Fiftyeighth Star Trek Stargazer:
Michael Jan Friedamn
Equal Fiftyeighth Star Wars: Shatterpoint Matthew Woodring Stover
Equal Fiftyeighth Zandru's Forge Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J Ross
Equal Seventieth Myrren's Gift Fiona McIntosh (Australian)
Equal Seventieth Destiny Fiona McIntosh (Australian)
Equal Seventieth Orphans of Earth Sean Williams & Shane Dix (Australians)
Equal Seventieth Abhorsen Garth Nix (Australian)
Equal Seventieth Eyes of the Calculor Sean McMullen (Australian)
Equal Seventieth Acorna's Triumph Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Equal Seventieth The Battle of Corrin Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson
Equal Seventieth Darknesses L E Modesitt Jr
Equal Seventieth First Rider's Call Kristen Britain
Equal Seventieth Flinx's Folly Alan Dean Foster
Equal Seventieth Forgotten Realms: Windwalker Elaine Cunningham
Equal Seventieth Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix J K Rowling
Equal Seventieth Mechwarrior Dark Ages: Fortress of Lies J Steven York
Equal Seventieth Myth Alliances Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye
Equal Seventieth On Basilisk Station David Weber
Equal Seventieth Runes of the Earth, The Stephen Donaldson
Equal Seventieth Star Trek Voyager: Enemy of My Enemy Christie Golden
Equal Seventieth Star Wars: Jedi Trial David Sherman & Dan Cragg
Equal Seventieth Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar Mercedes Lackey (editor)
Equal Seventieth The Warmasters David Weber, David Drake & Eric Flint
Equal Seventieth Treasured One, The David & Leigh Eddings
Equal Ninetyfirst Revenge Fiona McIntosh (Australian)
Equal Ninetyfirst Sabriel Garth Nix (Australian)
Equal Ninetyfirst Prodigal Sun Sean Williams & Shane Dix (Australian)
Equal Ninetyfirst Algebraist, The Iain M Banks
Equal Ninetyfirst Blade Dancer S L Viehl
Equal Ninetyfirst Mechwarrior Dark Age: Flight of the Falcon Victor Milan
Equal Ninetyfirst Buffy/Angel: Monster Island Christopher Golden & Thomas E Sniegowski
Equal Ninetyfirst Dungeon Master's Guide Dungeons & Dragons
Equal Ninetyfirst Monster Manual Dungeons & Dragons
Equal Ninetyfirst Doctor Who: Eleventh Tiger David McIntee
Equal Ninetyfirst Doctor Who: Halflife Mark Michalowski
Equal Ninetyfirst Doctor Who: Synthespians Craig Hinton
Equal Ninetyfirst Doctor Who: The Scream of the Shalka Paul Cornell
Equal Ninetyfirst Forgotten Realms: The Two Swords R A Salvatore
Equal Ninetyfirst Paladin of Souls Lois McMaster Bujold
Equal Ninetyfirst Quicksilver Neal Stephenson
Equal Ninetyfirst Star Trek Enterprise: Daedalus Dave Sterne
Equal Ninetyfirst Star Trek Lost Era:
2360 Catalyst of Sorrows
Margaret Wander Bonanno
Equal Ninetyfirst Star Trek Starfleet Corps of Engineers:
Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Equal Ninetyfirst The Celebrated Discworld Almanac
(2005 Diary)
Terry Pratchett

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