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Pamela Sargent Image of Child of Venus. Child of Venus
$20.95 Paperback ISBN 0061058092
Centuries of terraforming have not yet made Venus habitable, but the planet has become a haven for m...
Pamela Sargent Image of Earthseed. Earthseed
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765352877
Before Zoheret and her companions can populate a new planet, they must learn to conquer those same i...
Pamela Sargent STC: Garth of Izar
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743406419
Al Sarrantonio Image of Halloweenland. Halloweenland
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0843959274
When a mysterious carnival called Halloweenland comes to the town of Orangefield, Detective Bill Gra...
Al Sarrantonio Image of Toybox. Toybox
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0843951745
A master of horror invites readers to join the enigmatic Toyman as he opens his magical toybox that ...
Charles W Sasser Image of Dark Planet. Dark Planet
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 1932815139
Kadar San, a human - Zentadon crossbreed distrusted by both humans and Zentadon, is dispatched with ...
John Saul Image of The Devil's Labyrinth. The Devil's Labyrinth
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345487044
A troubled teenager struggling to cope with the loss of his father, Ryan McIntyre is sent to St. Ign...
John Saul Image of Faces of Fear. Faces of Fear
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345487060
New York Times bestselling author John Saul is a master at writing novels that chill the bones, curd...
John Saul Image of In the Dark of the Night. In the Dark of the Night
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345487028
The Brewster family's idyllic summer vacation at Phantom Lake turns to horror when their teenage son...
John Saul Image of In the Dark of the Night. In the Dark of the Night
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780330510974
The rambling lakeside house called Pinecrest has lain empty since its last owner went missing seven ...
Felicity Savage Delta City
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0451453999
Organizing a revolt against the ruthless god Pati, Humility Garden, the deposed Divinarch of Salt, l...
Steven Savile Boondocks Fantasy
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0756406536
From vampires in the Appalachians and leprechauns in the Smokies to mermaids in the Mississippi and ...
Steven Savile Image of DW: Destination Prague. DW: Destination Prague
$54.95 Hardcover ISBN 1844352536
Prague has its demons - a city saved from the ravages of war and the Third Reich because of its beau...
Steven Savile The Exile
$16.00 Paperback ISBN 9781844163878
Steven Savile Image of Slaine the Defiler. Slaine the Defiler
$16.00 Paperback ISBN 1844164934
The Defiler continues the Lay of Slaine Mac Roth, Celtic warrior and son of the Sessair tribe. Slain...
Steven Savile Image of WH: Curse of the Necrarch. WH: Curse of the Necrarch
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844166562
Feared and reviled, the reclusive necrarch vampires lurk in their lairs, engrossed in dreams of depr...
Robert J Sawyer Image of End of An Era. End of An Era
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0312876939
Archaeologist Brandon Thackeray and his rival, Miles "Klicks" Jordan, use his time-ship to travel ba...
Robert J Sawyer Image of Hybrids. Hybrids
$20.00 Hardcover ISBN 0312876904
In the conclusion of the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, human geneticist Mary Vaughan and Neanderthal...
Robert J Sawyer Image of Rollback. Rollback
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765349744
Accepting a rollback, an expensive, experimental rejuvenation procedure, for herself and her husband...
Robert J Sawyer Image of WWW: Wake. WWW: Wake
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 044101853X
Caitlin Decter is young, pretty, feisty, a genius at math, and blind. When she receives an implant t...
John Scalzi Image of Zoe's Tale. Zoe's Tale
$49.95 Hardcover ISBN 0765316986
A seventeen-year-old colonist stranded on a deadly pioneer world recounts the tale of how she became...
Mitchel Scanlon Image of WH40K: Imperial Guard. WH40K: Imperial Guard
$27.00 Paperback ISBN 1844166112
Three hardcore Imperial Guard novels in one mighty volume Three stories set upon the myriad theat...
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Image of Changelings. Changelings
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0552154407
Ronan Born for Water Shongili and Murel Monster Slayer Shongili are the twin son and daughter of Yan...
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Image of Cleopatra 7.2. Cleopatra 7.2
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 044101254x
Forensic anthropologist Leda Hubbard and Egyptologist Gabriella FaroukCleopatra 7.1 and 7.2face repr...
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Image of Second Wave. Second Wave
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 9780552155373
Khorii, the rebellious daughter of the legendary Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, must contend with an...
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Image of Third Watch. Third Watch
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 055215542X
Khorii, the rebellious daughter of the near-mythic Acorna and her lifemate, Aari, has followed in Ac...
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Image of Third Watch. Third Watch
$51.95 Hardcover ISBN 006052541X
A conclusion to the series that began with First Warning and Second Wave finds the rebellious Khorii...
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743434536
Did I request thee, Maker from my clay to mould me man? Did I solicit thee, from darkness to promote...
Christopher Schildt HOUSE OF DRACULA
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743434528
Stanley Schmidt Image of Roads not Taken: Tales of Alternate History. Roads not Taken: Tales of Alternate History
$17.40 Paperback ISBN 0345421949
An introduction to the increasingly popular genre of alternate history contains ten stories by such ...
James H Schmitz Image of The Witches of Karres. The Witches of Karres
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1416509151
Captain Pausert, a freelance space trader, gets more than he had bargained for when he frees three s...
Ken Scholes Image of Canticle. Canticle
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765360926
A sequel to Lamentation finds the noble allies of General Rudolfo gathering for a feast in honor of ...
Joe Schreiber Image of Chasing the Dead. Chasing the Dead
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345487486
Just before Christmas, Sue Young returns home from work to discover that her one-year-old daughter h...
Joe Schreiber Image of SW: Red Harvest. SW: Red Harvest
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 9780099542650
Received with enormous buzz and anticipation, Joe Schreiber's Star Wars: Death Troopers was the firs...
Peter Schweighofer Image of SW: Tales of the New Republic. SW: Tales of the New Republic
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0553578820
A collection of short fiction set in the Star Wars "New Republic" includes a short novel collaborati...
Darrell Schweitzer Another Round at the Spaceport Bar
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0450544184
Darrell Schweitzer The Shattered Goddess
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0340660589
George H Scithers Another Round at the Spaceport Bar
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0450544184
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0743479815
Sylvie discovers the world of the werewolf through her lover, Lucien's touch, but their love is thre...
Manda Scott Image of The Crystal Skull. The Crystal Skull
$21.95 Paperback ISBN 0553817663
The end of the world starts now ... Ancient wisdom predicts the end of the world with uncanny pre...
Martin Scott Thraxas At War
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1841492426
Thraxas was a hero of the last Orc War, but that was years ago. Now the Orcs are back and he would p...
Martin Scott Image of Thraxas Under Siege. Thraxas Under Siege
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 1416555730
In the sequel to the World Fantasy Award-winning Thraxas, the overweight, beer-guzzling private dete...
Robert Scott Image of The Larion Senators. The Larion Senators
$24.99 Paperback ISBN 0575082828
Nerak is defeated. Steven Taylor has cast the malevolent dictator's soul into the Fold's inky void -...
Robert Scott Image of Lessek's Key. Lessek's Key
$22.95 Paperback ISBN 0575079525
The Larion spell table has been dormant for nearly a thousand Twinmoons. It waits in a forgotten cha...
Christina Scull Lord of the Rings, The: A Reader's Companion
$22.95 Paperback ISBN 000720907X
Since its first publication fifty years ago, The Lord of the Rings has generated an almost unparalle...
Ryan Sear Image of Tiger by the Tail (Limited Edition Signed). Tiger by the Tail (Limited Edition Signed)
$49.95 Hardcover ISBN 9781451638639
A new addition to the Paladin of Shadows military adventure series by multiple New York Times best s...
Mark Sebanc Image of The Stoneholding. The Stoneholding
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1439133492
Darkness looms over the ancient world of Ahn Norvys, and the Great Harmony of Ardiel lies rent asund...
Andy Secombe Limbo
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0330411616
Set partially in the fantasy world of Limbo, and patly in on Hove, amongst 'normal humans, this humo...
Vincente Segrelles Vincent Segrelles
$19.95 ISBN 3894740051
The fantasy art of Vincent Segrelles, text in German.
Anita Serwacki Image of New Vampire's Handbook: Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night. New Vampire's Handbook: Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night
$15.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 0345508564
A whimsical primer for the newly undead is written in the instructive tone of an orientation manual ...
Carol Severance Demon Drums
$11.95 Paperback ISBN 0345374487
Tired of the death and destruction that come with war, warrior Iuti Mano retires to an isolated isla...
D B Shan Procession of the Dead
$29.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 0007261306
Quick-witted and cocksure, young upstart Capac Raimi arrives in the City determined to make his mark...
Darren Shan Image of Bec. Bec
$14.99 Paperback ISBN 0007231393
"As a baby, Bec fought for her life. As a trainee priestess, she fights to fit into a tribe that nee...
Darren Shan Blood Beast
$14.99 Paperback ISBN 0007231407
Locked inside Dervish's study. Breath coming quickly, raggedly. Trembling wildly. I still feel sick ...
Darren Shan Image of Sons of Destiny. Sons of Destiny
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0007159218
The twelfth part of the Saga of Darren Shan one boy's terrifying journey from human to halfvampire ...
Darren Shan Trials Of Death
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0007114400
The Trials: Seventeen ways to die unless the luck of the vampires is with you.Darren Shan must pass ...
Darren Shan The Vampire Prince
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0007115164
Darren joins the vampire, Mr Crepsley, as his assistant and they return to the Cirque du Freak. Ther...
Darren Shan Image of Wolf Island. Wolf Island
$14.99 Paperback ISBN 0007260423
"We spot the werewolves as we skim the treetops. Mutated, vicious, hairy monstrosities, all fangs, c...
Marc Shapiro Image of JK Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter. JK Rowling The Wizard Behind Harry Potter
$15.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 031232586X
An updated biography celebrates the life and work of J. K. Rowling and provides answers to such ques...
Graham Sharp Paul Image of The Final Battle. The Final Battle
$20.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780987261342
Betrayed. Cowed into appeasement by the threat to destroy their home planets with antimatter warhea...
William Shatner Image of ST: Captain's Glory. ST: Captain's Glory
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 074345376X
After narrowly averting a Reman and Romulan civil war, Captain James T. Kirk is determined to finall...
William Shatner Tek War
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 142764229X
Bob Shaw Medusa's Children
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0575040963
Bob Shaw Who Goes here?
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0575056789
Maggie Shayne Image of Angel's Pain. Angel's Pain
$10.00 Paperback ISBN 0778324982
Bent on revenge, Briar, who believes that she needs no one, joins the mysterious Reaper and his misf...
Maggie Shayne Image of Bloodline. Bloodline
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0778326187
Lilith awakens cold, naked and alone, knowing nothing—not even who she is—except that she has to run...
Maggie Shayne Image of Blue Twilight. Blue Twilight
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0778321509
Maxine Stuart, a private investigator specializing in the paranormal, takes on a vampire who is terr...
Maggie Shayne Image of Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness
$32.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781741168570
The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter An iron-willed demon assassin, the angel Lysander has never kno...
Maggie Shayne Image of Kick Ass. Kick Ass
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 042521222X
Four of today's most popular romance authors bring together a quartet of sensuous and action-packed ...
Maggie Shayne Killing Me Softly
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 9781921685378
First you drink, then you die… The Nightcap Strangler, who terrorised the town of Shadow Falls fift...
Maggie Shayne Lover's Bite
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0778325180
While fighting alongside Jack Heart, the infuriatingly gorgeous con-artist who betrayed her, to take...
Maggie Shayne Image of Night's Edge: Dancers in the Dark \ Her Best Enemy \ Someone Else's Shadow. Night's Edge: Dancers in the Dark \ Her Best Enemy \ Someone Else's Shadow
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0373774281
Dancers in the Dark by: Charlaine Harris Dancer Layla Rue Le May's childhood prepared her to hand...
Michael Shea Image of The Incompleat Nifft. The Incompleat Nifft
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0671578693
Master thief Nifft joins the barbarian Barnar HammerHand, the lady Lagademe, a courageous sea captai...
Lisa Shearin Image of All Spell Breaks Loose. All Spell Breaks Loose
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 9781937007713
Raine Benares, a seeker who is bonded to the Saghred, a soul-stealing stone that gives her unlimited...
Lisa Shearin Image of Bewitched and Betrayed. Bewitched and Betrayed
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441018726
While searching for the specters of six evil mages who escaped the Saghred, a soul-stealing stone of...
Lisa Shearin Image of Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Magic Lost, Trouble Found
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441015050
When Raine, a sorceress of average abilities, takes possession of an amulet stolen from the home of ...
Robert Shearman Image of Siren Beat / Roadkill. Siren Beat / Roadkill
$10.00 Paperback ISBN 9780980484168
Two novelettes – “Roadkill” by Robert Shearman and “Siren Beat” by Tansy Rayner Roberts – published ...
Alisa Sheckley Moonburn
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0345505883
Veterinarian--and werewolf--Abra Barrow, starting a new life in the small town of Northside, finds h...
Peter Sheehan Fair Dinkum Histories #5: A Nation of Swaggies & Diggers
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 9781741693171
The Australian colonies had come a long way since they were a dump for grim crims and convicts. Life...
Peter Sheehan Image of Fair Dinkum Histories #6: Weevils, War & Wallabies. Fair Dinkum Histories #6: Weevils, War & Wallabies
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 9781741691436
Telling it like it really was-true-blue Aussie history! 1920–1945 was an iconic period in Austra...
Charles Sheffield Image of Cold as Ice. Cold as Ice
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812511638
Twentyfive years after the great interplanetary war in which nine billion people were killed, Cyrus ...
Charles Sheffield Spheres of Heaven
$20.95 Paperback ISBN 067131856X
Spacer Chan Dalton finds himself caught between two very different forcesthe aliens who hold Earth u...
Charles Sheffield Image of Starfire. Starfire
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0553577395
In 2053, after the Earth has barely recovered from the supernova that has destroyed much of the plan...
Mary Shelley Image of The Last Man. The Last Man
$34.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 080329350X
A new edition of a neglected novel by the author of Frankenstein, first published in 1826, takes pla...
Lucius Shepard Green Eyes
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0752816136
Joel Shepherd Image of Crossover. Crossover
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732267994
A young woman is on the run, and on her own. She needs to find work and a place to live she needs t...
Mike Shepherd Image of Kris Longknife: Furious. Kris Longknife: Furious
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 9781937007393
Having used unorthodox methods to save a world and every sentient being on it, Lieutenant Commander ...
David Sherman Image of SW: Jedi Trial. SW: Jedi Trial
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0099486873
Major original Star Wars adventure set against the backdrop of the Clone Wars and telling the tale o...
Josepha Sherman BVS: Deep Water
$9.95 Paperback ISBN 0671039199
Shape Shifters Willow's soft spot for critters finds her spending a cold winter morning along the ...
Josepha Sherman BVS: Visitors
$9.95 Paperback ISBN 0671026283
The paranormal forces centered in Sunnydale attract the vilest kinds of evil: vamps, demons...and st...
Josepha Sherman Image of STOS: Exodus. STOS: Exodus
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743463579
One year after the end of the Dominion War, the Romulan Star Empire comes under attack by a mysterio...
Josepha Sherman Image of Xena: All I Need to Know I Learnt from the Warrior Princess. Xena: All I Need to Know I Learnt from the Warrior Princess
$9.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0671023896
Featuring eight pages of photographs, a collection of wisdom written by Xena's boon companion, Gabri...
Scott Sherman Image of New Vampire's Handbook: Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night. New Vampire's Handbook: Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night
$15.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 0345508564
A whimsical primer for the newly undead is written in the instructive tone of an orientation manual ...
Armin Shimmerman Capital Offense
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0671035940
Volume III of The Merchant Prince. Renaisssance scholar and spymaster John Dee ends up in 2101, a w...
Armin Shimmerman Image of Merchant Prince. Merchant Prince
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0671035932
The Roc, a wise and ancient alien race that has been observing humankind for centuries, rescues Dr. ...
Sharon Shinn Image of Quatrain. Quatrain
$10.00 Paperback ISBN 0441018475
Collects four novellas set in four different worlds, including "Flight," in which a woman with a pas...
Sharon Shinn Image of Summers at Castle Auburn. Summers at Castle Auburn
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 044100928X
Chronicles the story of Coriel Halsing, who had spent many glorious summers with her half-sister at ...
Sharon Shinn Image of The Truthteller's Tale. The Truthteller's Tale
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0142407844
As twins with special gifts, one for keeping secrets and one for telling the truth, sisters Adele an...
John Shirley Image of Bleak History. Bleak History
$24.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 1416584129
As far as Gabriel Bleak is concerned, talking to the dead is just another way of making a living. It...
Oyama Shiro Image of Man With No Talents : Memoirs Of A Tokyo Day Laborer. Man With No Talents : Memoirs Of A Tokyo Day Laborer
$43.95 Hardcover ISBN 080144375X
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