Light Emitting Diodes are becoming more common in use for torches, commercial and domesting lighting, and specialist applications. LEDs come in many types. Significantly for torches, some LEDs emit much more light than others, look for ratings such as 1W,

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Image of DW: Sonic Screwdriver Mini Torch. DW: Sonic Screwdriver Mini Torch
$5.00 ISBN 5024095212914
Keyring with miniature sonic screwdriver attached. The Doctor doesn't need any other key than his ...
Image of DW: Sonic Screwdriver Projector. DW: Sonic Screwdriver Projector
$10.00 ISBN 5029736035051
Doctor Who - Sonic Screwdriver Projector Torch Have lots of fun and relive scenes from the hit TV...
Image of SW: Keyring Yoda Lightsaber LED Torch. SW: Keyring Yoda Lightsaber LED Torch
$9.95 ISBN 5024095213997
Looks like Yoda's lightsaber (handle only) but is a little torch for your keys. Green LED. 3 x LR...