Card games and poker

Playing cards come in 2 standard sizes, as well as oversize (Giant/Jumbo).
Bridge size, which is the traditional size is 9cm by 6cm. Poker size is 9cm by 6.5cm.

Author Item
Image of Card Holder: Winning Hand. Card Holder: Winning Hand
$14.95 ISBN 9318946198271
Nifty gadget to hold your hand of cards whilst playing. Stands on a table or can be lifted and held ...
Image of Cribbage Board 3 Track Coloured. Cribbage Board 3 Track Coloured
$19.95 ISBN
Wooden cribbage board 38cm long with little compartment for the included pins. The three tracks snak...
Image of SW: Playing Cards Heroes & Villains Double Pack. SW: Playing Cards Heroes & Villains Double Pack
$24.95 ISBN 5411068791390
Two Decks in One package. One deck Features the Heroic Characters from the Star Wars saga, while the...
Image of SW: Star Wars Playing Cards: Heroes & Villains (single pack). SW: Star Wars Playing Cards: Heroes & Villains (single pack)
$12.95 ISBN 5411068791550
Playing Cards featuring the Heroes and Villians from the Star Wars Saga.
Image of Texas Hold'em, Pocket Idiot's Guide to. Texas Hold'em, Pocket Idiot's Guide to
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 1592575633
Texas Hold'em, the game played on the popular television programs and at most of the well-known tour...
Image of Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor's Gambit. Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor's Gambit
$24.95 Card Game ISBN 0786954787
This fun card game updates the popular Three-Dragon Ante card game, adding new cards and new ways to...
Image of Viewpoint. Viewpoint
$14.99 Game ISBN 9369999020354
Viewpoint is a highly social card game suitable for gamers of all demographics. Each deck of Viewpo...
Image of Viewpoint Reflections. Viewpoint Reflections
$14.99 ISBN 9369999032975
Viewpoint Reflections is the first expansion to the Viewpoint card game. Play it as a stand-alone ga...
Phil Hellmuth Image of Play Poker Like The Pros. Play Poker Like The Pros
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0060005726
Phil Hellmuth, Jr., the "Tiger Woods of Poker," demonstrates exactly how to play and win even if you...