Nik Vincent

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There are 2 books listed by the author Nik Vincent.

Title Description
WH: Gilead's Blood
$5.00 A Paperback
Gilead's Blood follows the saga of the doom-laden High Elf Gilead Lothain. Along with his faithful retainer Fithvael, Gilead, shadowfast warrior and the last of the line of Tor Anrok, travels the Warh ... ISBN: 1841541400
WH40K: Sabbat Worlds
$20.00 Hardcover
Image of WH40K: Sabbat Worlds. Warhammer 40,000 Sabbat Worlds
Across the Sabbat Worlds, a bitter conflict is fought, a conflict that can only end in victory or annihilation. The innumerable forces of the Archenemy attack without mercy, and planet after planet bu ... ISBN: 9781849700092

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