P D Martin

PD Martin lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a proud member (only just) of the X generation. Developing a passion for crime fiction and story telling at an early age, this interest was backed up with formal education through a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (with majors in psychology and criminology) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Writing (creative writing). PD Martin has also worked as a professional writer for nearly ten years, writing award-winning copy for brochures, newsletters, websites, training CD-ROMs, flyers ads, media releases, and magazines.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: Australia
Link to author's website: http://www.pdmartin.com.au
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There is 1 book listed by the author P D Martin.

Title Description
Kiss of Death
$32.99 Trade Paperback
Image of Kiss of Death. Sophie Anderson 05
"Soon I hear the footsteps again. Definitely more than one set. I push myself harder, run harder. I glance back, hoping they're further away than they sound. But they're closer. Suddenly I come to an ... ISBN: 1405038861

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