Lilith Saintcrow

Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
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There are 6 books listed by the author Lilith Saintcrow.

Title Description
Working for the Devil
$5.00 A Paperback
Image of Working for the Devil. Dante Valentine 01
Dante Valentine's working relationship with the Devil began on a rainy Monday. Dante's a licensed Necromance, one of the best ever to survive training, and she's got an emerald embedded in her forehea ... ISBN: 1841494666
Night Shift
$19.99 A Paperback
Jill Kismet 01
Jill Kismet is a dealer in dark things and demon slayer, and it s her job to patrol the nightside. In the cold pre-dawn, Jill is called in to assess the aftermath of a particularly savage cop-killing. ... ISBN: 1841497061
Hunter's Prayer
$19.99 A Paperback
Image of Hunter's Prayer. Jill Kismet 02
Jill Kismet, Dealer in Dark Things. Spiritual Exterminator. Demon Slayer - it's not the type of work you can put on a business card. But every city has people like me. Usually the police have us on pa ... ISBN: 184149707X
Hunter's Prayers
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of Hunter's Prayers. Jill Kismet 02
A hunter working with the police on a bizarre case involving the mutilation murders of young prostitutes, Jill Kismet finds herself facing down a deadly creature out of legend and dealing with a woman ... ISBN: 0316001767
Angel Town
$19.95 A Paperback
Image of Angel Town. Jill Kismit 06
Jill Kismet is back from the grave in this explosive conclusion to Lilith Saintcrow's urban fantasy series. She wakes up in her own grave. She doesn't know who put her there, she doesn't know where ... ISBN: 0316074160
Dark Watcher
$27.95 Trade Paperback
Image of Dark Watcher. Watcher 01
ISBN: 0975965328

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