Jacqueline Carey

Lives in Michigan.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: USA
Link to author's website: http://www.jacquelinecarey.com/
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There are 3 books listed by the author Jacqueline Carey.

Title Description
Kushiel's Mercy
$56.95 Hardcover
Image of Kushiel's Mercy. Kushiel 06
Witnessing the turmoil brought about as a result of their once-secret relationship, Imriel and Sidonie face the prospect of Sidonie's disinheritance by her mother, Queen Ysandre, unless Imriel can loc ... ISBN: 0446500046
Naamah's Kiss
$35.00 Trade Paperback
Image of Naamah's Kiss. Moirin's Quest 01
Decades ago a sacred oath was broken. And as it broke, the magic held by the oldest tribe in Alba was shattered. Their power over the natural world lost, the gift of foretelling gone, now only the sma ... ISBN: 0575093579
Naamah's Curse
$22.99 B Paperback
Image of Naamah's Curse. Moirin's Quest 02
Moirin is alone and far from the land of her birth, with nothing but a few resources of her own to draw upon and few friends she can call upon, in what is about to become a nation of enemies.She has h ... ISBN: 9780575093621

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