Hordes Evolution Softcover

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Barcode/ISBN13: 9781933362229
Imprint/Brand: Privateer Press
Release Date: Aug 2007
Format: Trade Paperback
Series: Hordes
Number of Pages: 192
Price $AUD: Now $30.00
Was $70.00
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Categories: Role Playing Games / Wargames
Hordes / Warmachine

Privateer Press presents the anxiously awaited first expansion for HORDES, the wildly popular game of monstrous miniatures combat. Featuring fantastic new models, additions to existing units, and rules expansions, HORDES: Evolution brings an unprecedented amount of flexibility to the bestial armies of Immoren. Including errata and clarifications, faction specific painting guides, and a complete Theater of War campaign, this massive tome has everything you need to bring your HORDES games to a whole new level. Evolve your game and give the more settled inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms reason to fear the wild! Plunge into the fury-fuelled intensity that is HORDES.

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