TW: The House that Jack Built

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Image of TW: The House that Jack Built.

Author: Guy Adams
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781846077395
ISBN: 1846077397
Imprint/Brand: BBC
Release Date: Jul 2009
Format: Hardcover
Series: Torchwood
Number of Pages: 239
Price $AUD: $21.95
Categories: Doctor Who
Television and Film Related

Jackson Leaves - an Edwardian house in Penylan.

Built 1906, semi-detached, three storeys, spacious, beautifully presented. Left in good condition to Rob and Julia by Rob's late aunt.

It's an ordinary sort of a house. Except for the way the rooms don't stay in the same places. And the strange man that turns up in the airing cupboard. And the apparitions. And the temporal surges that attract the attentions of Torchwood.

And the fact that the first owner of Jackson Leaves in 1906 was a Captain Jack Harkness…

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