SW: Darth Bane Dynasty of Evil

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Image of SW: Darth Bane Dynasty of Evil.

Author: Drew Karpyshyn
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781846056970
ISBN: 1846056977
Imprint/Brand: Century
Release Date: Jan 2010
Format: Hardcover
Series: Star Wars Darth Bane 03
Number of Pages: 320
Price $AUD: $55.00
Categories: Star Wars
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The Sith are gone -- all except Darth Bane, creator of the "Rule of Two," which states that the new Sith Order will consist of only two: a Master and an apprentice. But how does one train an apprentice whose ultimate goal -- and proof of success -- must be to kill the Master?

Darth Bane is beginning to suffer the effects of drawing heavily on the dark side of the Force for so many years. At the same time, he's beginning to doubt his apprentice, Zannah, because she hasn't yet tried to kill him and take his power. Is she weak? Unworthy of being his apprentice?

When he learns of an ancient Sith holocron that holds the secret to immortal life, he sends Zannah off on a mission and heads out to search for the holocron on his own. But Zannah is anything but weak, and now that she guesses his doubts, she decides the time is right to take him on.

The Forces of evil will clash in spectacular battle, with the future of the Sith hanging in the balance!

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