Coyote Rising

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Author: Allen Steele
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781841493688
ISBN: 1841493686
Imprint/Brand: Orbit
Release Date: Aug 2005
Format: A Paperback
Series: Coyote 02
Number of Pages: 510
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Categories: Science Fiction

Coyote Rising is the dramatic sequel to Coyote, the story of Earth's first extrasolar colonists.
The starship Alabama, bound for the new world of Coyote, was hijacked by it's crew in a desperate bid for freedom from the repression of a postUS world order on earth. They then had to flee their homes with the arrival of a new batch of colonists, this time ruled by a repressive government embodying all of Earth's problems and prejudices. Now, the ironfisted colonial governor is building a bridge to exploit the virgin territory where the Alabama's crew are believed to have resettled.

But a movement is underway to reclaim Coyote for those who truly love freedoma fullscale rebellion in which the men and women on both sides of the fight will learn the true price of liberty.

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