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Image of Shadowfall.

Author: James Clemens
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781841493022
ISBN: 1841493023
Imprint/Brand: Orbit
Release Date: 05 Jun 2006
Format: A Paperback
Series: Godslayer 01
Number of Pages: 688
Price $AUD: $21.99
Categories: Fantasy

Four thousand years ago, a great war took place among the gods, which shattered their heavenly realm. This Sundering created the land of Myrillia, where nearinvincible gods live amongst men.
Yet the weapon that fashioned the Sundering may also strike down the immortals, as failed Shadowknight Tylar discovers. He witnesses the death of a god, whose blood heals his deformities but brands him a Godslayer and a hunted criminal.

Tylar flees with now godlike powers, seeking to avenge the god's death and clear his name. He must ultimately confront the greatest god of all and face the supreme treachery . . .

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