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Image of Shadowplay.

Author: Tad Williams
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781841492940
ISBN: 1841492949
Imprint/Brand: Orbit
Release Date: May 2008
Format: B Paperback
Series: Shadowmarch 02
Number of Pages: 779
Price $AUD: $24.99
Categories: Fantasy

The second volume of master storyteller Tad Williams' long-awaited return to epic fantasy. Darkness has fallen on the lands of the sun as an army of misshapen fey spill out from beyond the Shadowline. At their head is Yasammez, dark creature of nightmare. A furtive bargain was struck at the gates of Southmarch and the castle was spared, but centuries of enmity will not be so easily appeased. Meanwhile Barrick, heir to Southmarch and cursed with madness, has crossed the Shadowline into the realm of his people's ancient enemy. There are stranger things than death here - stranger and older. Much further south, shadow is also falling over the reign of the Autarch, god-king and supreme ruler. Quinnitan, junior wife, must flee the royal household or die, her greatest secret as yet hidden even from herself. Ancient blood flows through her veins and she will become a unique weapon in the fight against her greatest terror. And beyond the ken of all but a chosen few, the gods are awakening and the world is changing...

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