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Authors: Chris Bunch
Allan Cole
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781841490076
ISBN: 1841490075
Imprint/Brand: Orbit
Release Date: Aug 2000
Format: A Paperback
Series: Sten 01
Number of Pages: 320
Weight: 160 grammes
Price $AUD: $19.99
Categories: Book
Science Fiction

Small group infantry tactics, espionage, loyalty and action.

Vulcan is a factory planet, centuries old, Company run, ugly as sin, and unfeeling as death. Vulcan breeds just two types of native - complacent or tough. Sten is tough.
When his family are killed in a mysterious accident, Sten rebels, harrasing the Company from the metal world's endless mazelike warrens.
He could end up just another burnt-out Delinquent.
But people like Sten never give up.

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