SW: The Ahakista Gambit

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Image of SW: The Ahakista Gambit.

Barcode/ISBN13: 9781593078904
ISBN: 1593078900
Imprint/Brand: Dark Horse
Release Date: Mar 2008
Format: Trade Paperback
Series: Star Wars Rebellion 02
Price $AUD: $36.95
Categories: Star Wars
Television and Film Related
Graphic Novel / Manga

For years, Wyl Tarson, top lieutenant to the galactic crimelord Raze, secretly delivered valuable information to the Rebel Alliance-until his employer discovered the betrayal and implanted a bomb inside Wyl's skull!

Now, Wyl must infiltrate an Imperial stronghold on the planet Ahakista under the guise of working for the Rebellion, or Raze will detonate the bomb. Unwilling to compromise active Rebel agents, Wyl assembles a team of operatives too washed up or too crazy for the Alliance and leads them into a suicide mission that's his only chance for survival!

* Ancient tunnels, local militias, a conniving casino owner, and the dreaded Darth Vader all play a part in this riveting adventure set in the months after Star Wars: A New Hope!

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