Texas Hold'em, Pocket Idiot's Guide to

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Barcode/ISBN13: 9781592575633
ISBN: 1592575633
Imprint/Brand: Alpha
Release Date: 17 Oct 2006
Format: Paperback
Price $AUD: $16.95
Categories: Card games and poker
Non Fiction

Texas Hold'em, the game played on the popular television programs and at most of the well-known tournaments, has quickly taken its place as the blue chip of poker games. Now, players are starting to gravitate toward a specific version of Texas Hold'em No Limit Hold'em.

No Limit Texas Hold'em, as the name suggests, has no limits on the amount or frequency that one can bet, leading to bigger pots and more excitement. Although the dynamics for this version of the game are similar to its low-limit cousin, the strategy is quite different. In the context of teaching readers the basics of Texas Hold'em, this revised edition covers no-limit strategy in much greater detail, as it relates to cash games, online games, and no-limit tournaments.

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