Wolf Among the Stars

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Image of Wolf Among the Stars.

Author: Steve White
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781451637540
ISBN: 1451637543
Imprint/Brand: Baen
Release Date: Nov 2011
Format: Hardcover
Series: Lokaron 02
Number of Pages: 245
Price $AUD: $49.95
Categories: Science Fiction

A near-future Earth has shaken off the devastating colonization by alien Lokaran invaders and totalitarian rule by the alien's human puppets. But now Earth is flung into galactic intrigue and war. The Lokaran empire teeters on the edge of a meltdown anda cabal of ancient enemies hope to use Earth as a proxy to destroy the empire and rule over a new Galactic dark age. Captain Andrew Roark, the son of heroes of the rebellion and an officer trained in Lokaran space warfare tactics, joins with a highly capable Lokar who opposes the empire but wishes to see it transformed instead of destroyed. Together they must uncover a conspiracy to control Earth and then defeat it. Once more, the freedom of Earth swings in the balance

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