Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Secondary Phase

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Author: Douglas Adams
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781408409770
Imprint/Brand: BBC
Release Date: Dec 2008
Format: CD
Series: Hitchhikers 02
Price $AUD: $39.95
Categories: Science Fiction

Starring Peter Jones, Simon Jones, David Dixon, Mark Wing-Davey and Susan Sheridan, these six episodes (Fit the Seventh to Fit the Twelth) have been remastered by Dirk Maggs, and feature Phil Pope's new arrangement of the familiar theme tune.Also included on this 4-disc Special Edition is a full length bonus interview with Douglas Adams, recorded in 1998.

This is a dynamic remastering of the second BBC Radio 4 full-cast serial - "Fit the Seventh to Fit the Twelfth" - which spawned a phenomenal hitch-hiking legend. The second original series of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" has been remastered by Dirk Maggs (director of the "Tertiary", "Quandary" and "Quintessential Phases") to give a full, vibrant sound, now with Philip Pope's version of the familiar theme tune and specially re-recorded announcements by John Marsh. Stranded on Prehistoric Earth since the end of the first series, Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect are once again trying to hitch their way off the planet.

Zaphod finds his visit to the offices of the Guide rudely interrupted by Frogstar fighters, who further threaten to feed him to the Total Perspective Vortex. Eventually reunited, the three fetch up on the planet Brontitall and discover the indigenous species in something of a flap. Arthur meets Lintilla (several of her), Marvin gets to be a hero once again, and there is a meeting with the Man in the Shack who apparently runs the Universe...It features Peter Jones, Simon Jones, Geoffrey McGivern, Mark Wing-Davey, Stephen Moore and a full supporting cast star in these BBC Radio 4 episodes.

Also included is a bonus 50-minute interview with Douglas Adams - who died in 2001 - in which he discusses his career and work.

4 CDs approx running time 4 hours.

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