The Whorl and the Pallin

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Image of The Whorl and the Pallin.

Author: Ian Nichols
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780980518634
ISBN: 9780980518634
Imprint/Brand: Tactile Books
Release Date: Jun 2009
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 268
Price $AUD: $28.95
Categories: Book
Young Adult

Escaping from custody, Tom enlists in the Imperial army where his heroic actions in battle come to the Emperor's attention. An assassination attempt on the Emperor reveals Tom's hidden gift and he is sent on a mission to save the world from the evil plans of the Whorl Sorcerers. His quest takes him on adventures on the high seas, into enchanted forests, and battles against man and beast. This book is filled with action and adventure from start to finish.

The man saw Tom point just as Gianna said: “There's no-one there, Tom”. Tom felt his pulse quicken as the man continued his advance…halted and raised the rod up in the air. He drew a small, dark object from his belt, and cast it at the Emperor with vicious speed.

Goave is massing its troops ready for an invasion that will destroy the Empire. They have a sinister pact with the Whorl Sorcerers to corrupt the tribes on the Empire's border and lure them into war. The plan is evil distilled; while the Empire's troops are distracted by the raiding tribes, the Whorl Sorcerers' will steal the Blood of the Pallin. With this second Source of magic they will have even more power to change man and beast to meet their evil needs and invade Verachena.

Tom finds himself an unlikely hero as he fights bravely to save himself and his friends single-handedly against the warring tribes. When he foils an attempted assassination of the Emperor by a man no-one else can see, the Emperor recognizes Tom as the hero they have been waiting for.
Tom's unique gift means only he can lead the mission to save the Empire: intercept the Whorl Sorcerers before they reach the Pallin.

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