Journey of the Seeds Origins

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Authors: Carol Baauw
David Shooter Illustrator
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780980280104
ISBN: 0980280109
Format: Trade Paperback
Series: Journey of the Seeds
Price $AUD: $25.00
Categories: Book
Young Adult
Graphic Novel / Manga

Darkness threatens to engulf the land of men.
Nero and his evil sergeant Belteshazzar have entered deeper into the regions of light enslaving the king of lights seeds and destroying all that is good and beautiful.
Belteshazzar ever hungry to fill his cages and inflict torment and despair
upon the seeds, accompanies Daytura a captain of the dark lord and the dark hordes into the King's lands to bring back the captives.
The shadow of Daytura's mighty black wings creates an atmosphere of
depression, despair and fear within the seeds, leaving the seeds vulnerable
for capture.
The land of men is rapidly decaying, the only moisture available is now the
polluted river of death as the earth drinks the decaying water into itself
large gaping holes in the surface appear. The beautiful Garden of Eden once the King's own garden is filled with rotting withered trees the haunt of
Lynstra and her breed of deformed woman seeds.
Packs of wolfhounds roam the land seeking to devour any straying seeds
and the smell of decay and fear waft through the air.
But in the Realm of Light: The King of Light "commander of the army of light" and his son calls the
kingdom of light to prepare for war!
A mighty battle looms between the kingdoms of darkness and the kingdom of light.
The king recruits rescued seeds who are willing to fight in the name of
light, with his weapons of light, to enter the domains of darkness to rescue and restore the stolen seeds.
The Kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of light are recruiting seeds to prepare for the last great battle.
Toowin was once a mighty warrior in the Dark Lord's service has now returned with Daneel to the kingdom of light to fight.
The King sends with Toowin and Daneel, Jonathan who is resident healer in the kingdom of light.
The King warns them sternly to stay on the path if they wish to return. To
remember they are of light and love and remember the names he (the King)
has given them. Only if they do these things will they be able to enter the darkness and return.

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