Doofuzz Dudes: The Babbling Bottles

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Image of Doofuzz Dudes: The Babbling Bottles.

Author: Roslyn J Motter
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780977515943
ISBN: 097751594X
Imprint/Brand: White Hawke Publishing
Release Date: Oct 2006
Format: B Paperback
Series: Doofuzz Dudes 03
Number of Pages: 127
Price $AUD: $16.95
Categories: Fantasy
Young Adult
Australian Author

In the third book in the series, the Doofuzz Dudes travel back to Moondar where a new Opera House has been built to celebrate King Toby's Coronation. Strangely, in this kingdom where everything else is made from chocolate, another building - made entirely from glass - has been erected just across from the Opera House.

The Dudes discover the dodgy Blabbel of Salcazar owns the glass factory. But, why has he built it there, and what is it going to be manufactured in it?

Come along on this new mission with the Dudes, on a helter skelter journey against time, and be dazzled by the devious Blabbel's ruthless desire to make money at all costs. Share their fear when the Dudes cross paths again with the evil Prince Florian. Travel with them through the hazardous Marshes of Carramel, inhabited by the dangerous mammoth Hizoons. Fly though time back to minus nineteen ninety nine in the hypnotically beautiful Moon Tree. Meet eccentric Lord Dimble of Dimblequirk and his ‘girlfriend', the tempestuous red haired opera diva Iguana Lillee.

Find out what amazing thing happens when Lillee performs at the Opera House.

Don't miss out on this ending. All your friends will be talking about it for ages. This is definitely one adventure you won't want to pass up sharing with the Doofuzz Dudes.

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