Eb: The Shard Axe

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Image of Eb: The Shard Axe.

Author: Marsheila Rockwell
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780786958597
ISBN: 0786958596
Imprint/Brand: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: 06 Sep 2011
Format: A Paperback
Series: Dungeons & Dragons Online Eberron Unlimited
Number of Pages: 339
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Eberron
Dungeons & Dragons
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A mission she doesn't want,
To protect and defend a dwarf she can't forgive,
In a city full of enemies . . .
Sentinel Marshal Sabira d'Deneith has her work cut out for her
as she searches for a killer whose methods seem eerily familiar . . .
Blending adventure fantasy and hardboiled noir fiction, The Shard Axe brings the broader world of Eberron to the setting of the immensely popular game, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.

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