FR: Edge of Chaos

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Author: Jak Koke
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780786951895
ISBN: 0786951893
Imprint/Brand: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: 04 Aug 2009
Format: A Paperback
Series: Forgotten Realms Wilds
Price $AUD: $16.00
Categories: Forgotten Realms
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Explore the unexplored - enter The Wilds of the Forgotten Realms(R)!

On the border of a dangerous, magically unstable area called the Plaguewrought Lands, the leader of a cult seeking the spread of this wild magic and an alchemist who wants to control it join forces and create an elixir that allows pilgrims to survive the Plaguewrought Lands. But only one can succeed. A young man with strange powers and a priestess of the god of death will help determine who.

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