FR: Downshadow

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Author: Erik Scott de Bie
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780786951284
ISBN: 0786951281
Imprint/Brand: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: Jul 2009
Format: A Paperback
Series: Forgotten Realms
Weight: 156 grammes
Price $AUD: $14.95
Categories: Forgotten Realms
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Watchman by day, vigilante by night, Shadowbane's world is turned upside down when he runs across a powerful wizard--in the form of a confused, hunted girl who finds herself at the heart of a fell plot. When his friends start dying and the girl is kidnapped, Shadowbane must choose between the darkness and the light in his heart: to avenge the deaths of his friends, or to let the villain live to face--and possibly escape--justice.

Downshadow is thrilling tale of vigilante justice set in the classic City of Splendors and presented by Forgotten Realms campaign setting creator and celebrated author Ed Greenwood. You don't want to miss out on this exciting glimpse into what the latest edition of the Realms has to offer.

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