A Taste of Magic

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Image of A Taste of Magic.

Authors: Andre Norton
Jean Rabe
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780765354334
ISBN: 0765354330
Imprint/Brand: Tor
Release Date: Sep 2007
Format: A Paperback
Number of Pages: 303
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Fantasy

Wisteria is magically attuned to the world around her. Her senses relish the tastes of magic that the wonders of nature offer. But the peacefulness of her backwoods existence is shattered when her village is attacked by the raiding force of the bellicose Lord Purvis, who leaves only this 20-something magic wielder and an adolescent lass as the inadvertent survivors.
Wisteria has pledged herself to a mission. Now she and her young ward must brave the wilds beyond their home in pursuit of the ravager who destroyed everyone near and dear to their hearts.
The woman with the Taste of Magic now has a taste for vengeance, and the blood oath she has pledged must be satisfied with the life of Lord Purvis.

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