STNG: A Time for War, A Time For Peace

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Image of STNG: A Time for War, A Time For Peace.

Author: Keith R A deCandido
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780743491792
ISBN: 0743491793
Imprint/Brand: Pocket US
Release Date: Oct 2004
Format: Paperback
Series: Star Trek Next Generation Time 9
Price $AUD: $16.95
Categories: Television and Film Related
Star Trek

Following the scandalous Tezwa affair, the Federation president's resignation forces an election, with the future of the United Federation of Planets to be determined by who emerges victorious from a hotly contested vote. But it is the fate of the entire galaxy that may actually be decided on Qo'noS, as the Federation embassy is seized by terrorists whose actions expose intrigue reaching the highest levels of Klingon government and it will take all of Ambassador Worf's skills to keep the fragile FederationKlingon alliance from collapsing. And while this potential intergalactic chaos looms, Commander Riker finds his plans for command and marriage soured by a brutal, highlevel inspection of the ship from which the crew may not escape unscathed. . . .

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