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Image of Rhiana.

Author: Michele Hauf
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780733571237
ISBN: 0733571239
Imprint/Brand: Luna
Release Date: Aug 2006
Format: B Paperback
Series: 03
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Fantasy

Preyed upon by a cavalcade of vicious dragons, the people of St Renan are snatched up when they venture beyond the village walls.
Yet Rhiana Tassot who senses the dragons from a distance, who can determine between their attack scent and their mating scent, who is blessed with the instincts of a dragon, who dares stand before the fiery beasts without flinching—cannot use her skills to defend her home. For the lord of St Renan forbids her to track the beasts—not out of fear for her safety, but out of some twisted desire to protect the dragons.

So conflict is raging within and without the village, when a long-held secret begins to stir beneath their very feet. Rhiana's knowledge of dragons is no accident…

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