The Prodigal Mage

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Image of The Prodigal Mage.

Author: Karen Miller
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780732287542
ISBN: 0732287545
Imprint/Brand: Voyager
Release Date: Oct 2009
Format: A Paperback
Series: Fisherman's Children 01
Number of Pages: 608
Price $AUD: $22.99
Categories: Fantasy
Australian Author

Some seventeen years have passed since the defeat of the sorcerer Morg and the destruction of Barls Wall: the last great Mage War, as the conflict is now known. It has been a time of great change. In the immediate aftermath of the conflict one small exploratory expedition set out across the mountains to discover who lived on the other side. But contact was lost -- and they never returned. Magical attempts to locate the party failed. The people of Lur, still traumatised by the war and struggling to adjust to their new lives, grieved for their losses and pulled back from further exploration. Barls Wall was fallen ... except in their minds.

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