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Author: Anne Bishop
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780732283735
ISBN: 0732283736
Imprint/Brand: Voyager
Release Date: Mar 2007
Format: A Paperback
Series: Landscapes of Ephemera 02
Number of Pages: 510
Price $AUD: $20.99
Categories: Fantasy

The final book of this richly imagined world from the acclaimed author of the Black Jewels trilogy. Through the twilight of waking dreams come these words: 'Heart's hope lies within belladonna.' For the women of Elandar, the words are a riddle, and a warning - because there are signs that the Eater of the World has returned. For Michael, an Elandar magician, the riddle is the first step on a journey that will reveal the true nature of the power he wields and will lead him to the woman who haunts his dreams: Glorianna Belladonna. And for Glorianna, the arrival of Michael and his sister Caitlin opens doors to other landscapes and shows her the possibilities that live within her own heart. But Michael is more than a potential lover. He holds the key to saving Ephemera from the Eater of the World. Will he keep his secret in order to save the woman he loves, or will he give Glorianna the key to saving the world - and destroying herself?

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