The Revenge of Gaia

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Image of The Revenge of Gaia.

Author: James Lovelock
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780713999266
ISBN: 0713999268
Imprint/Brand: Alpha Books
Release Date: 03 Apr 2006
Format: Trade Paperback
Price $AUD: $29.95
Categories: Non Fiction
Scientific / Popular Science

Lovelock's unique authority and original perspective sets this book apart from other books on environmental change. He speaks as a planetary physician with more than forty years experience of thinking about how to respond to the earth s needs as a living organism. Illustrated with examples drawn from his experiences around the world, Lovelock draws many radical conclusions, most controversially a passionate advocacy of nuclear energy. This, he argues, is not only a secure, safe and reliable source of energy, but also the only way to counter the lethal heat waves and rising sea levels that will increasingly threaten civilizations.
Lovelock argues that the only way for humankind to come to terms with Gaia now, and have a chance of surviving, is to embrace science and technology, not reject them. This is his passionate manifesto of how to do that and so lessen our impact on the Earth before it is too late.

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