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Image of Pashazade.

Author: Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780575083707
Imprint/Brand: Gollancz
Release Date: Nov 2008
Format: B Paperback
Series: Arabesk 01
Price $AUD: $22.99
Categories: Science Fiction

Set in a 21st century subtley different from ours - a world where Germany did not lose the first world war and where the Ottoman Empire still survives.

Ashraf Bey has little or no idea who he really is. Neither the Rich aristocrat everyone thinks he is or the street criminal once sent to prison after a run-in with a Triad.

But he needs to find out fast as he's on the run and a precocious young girl is depending on him.

Suffused with sights sounds and mythology of the middle east this is the first of Grimwood's acclaimed Ashraf Bey novels that combine SF, crime and a hint of the supernatural.

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