The Night Serpent

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Image of The Night Serpent.

Author: Anna Leonard
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780373617951
ISBN: 037361795X
Imprint/Brand: Silhouette Nocturne
Release Date: Sep 2008
Format: A Paperback
Price $AUD: $14.95
Categories: Romance
Paranormal / Supernatural

All her life Lily Malkin has been plagued by nightmares she can never quite remember. Nightmares that haunt her with glimpses of past lives and past betrayals.

And lately, the nightmares—and the memories—have gotten worse. A shadowy figure that destroyed her once before is closing in.…

The Night Serpent's grisly, ritualistic cat killings bring Special Agent Jon T. Patrick to town. But it's Lily—the intriguing "Cat Whisperer" brought in to help solve the case—who makes him want to stay. Their passion is electric…and dangerous. Because Jon isn't the only one watching Lily. And as the Night Serpent begins his final strike, the stakes are raised for a battle to the death.

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