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Author: Michael Day
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780330492249
ISBN: 0330492241
Imprint/Brand: Pan
Release Date: Mar 2003
Format: A Paperback
Number of Pages: 432
Price $AUD: $18.95
Categories: Book
Science Fiction

Devastating forces of nature unleashed
bringing the world to the edge of madness.

Seizing power after a military coup, Indonesia's aggressive new dictator, dubbed 'the Tiger of Asia', has banned all ocean-research ships inside a 200-mile exclusion zone. Threatened by a tottering economy and boiling racial tension at home, he has started to illegally mine the ocean floor. But for what purpose?

Nicole Tai-Chung, a young science journalist, is sent from London to find out. She successfully infiltrates the secret oceanographic base, only to find herself in deadly danger as she uncovers the sinister truth.

Thereafter, her mission escalates rapidly into a new dimension - a race against time to prevent something wholly terrifying ... the world's first environmental war.

In this powerful vision of the future, knife-edged action and breath-taking scenarios combine to create a geophysical thriller of shocking proportions.

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