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Author: Thomas Harris
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780099297703
ISBN: 0099297701
Imprint/Brand: Arrow PB
Release Date: 18 May 2000
Price $AUD: $18.50
Categories: Book
Crime / Mystery

It is an axiom of behavioural science that vampires are territorial, while cannibals range widely. Hannibal Lecter killed nine people before he was caught. Five on his escape. Two of his victims survived one of them is in an asylum but the other craves revenge. Mason Verger, a paraplegic confined to a respirator since his encounter with Dr Lecter, can move only the fingers of his crippled right hand across the soft blanket that cover his lifeless body. But Verger is very rich and very influential, and his reach extends into the echelons of power and around the world. His need to find Lecter is insatiable. In Clarice Starling he has the prefect bait. As gripping and terrifying as any reader of The Silence of the Lambs would expect. Simply unputdownable.

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