Your Heart Belongs to Me

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Image of Your Heart Belongs to Me.

Author: Dean Koontz
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780007267583
ISBN: 0007267584
Imprint/Brand: HarperCollins
Release Date: Oct 2009
Format: A Paperback
Number of Pages: 416
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Categories: Horror

At 34 Ryan Perry suddenly finds himself on a waiting list for a heart transplant. Although he keeps working and looks fit‚ his condition is deteriorating.

Nevertheless‚ Ryan manages to remain upbeat‚ and his reward is well deserved. He receives a new heart‚ and the transplant is a success.

One year later‚ Ryan has never felt better. Except for ... troubles connected to the heart. His new‚ fine‚ healthy‚ feel-good heart. It began with heart shaped tokens in the mail‚ a feeling of being watched. Someone‚ not Ryan‚ transfers $100‚000 from his bank account to the cardiology department of a local hospital - how is this possible?

Becoming more watchful himself‚ Ryan more than once glimpses a mysterious woman whom he tries to follow‚ but she is too circumspect even for the detective he hires to follow her. He has nothing to take to the police.

Instead‚ by an extraordinary effort‚ he uncovers the identity of the donor of ... the heart. His heart. A photo shows someone who looks awfully like the mysterious woman ... who now lets him know that everything will be taken from him: his money‚ his reputation‚ his friends‚ his freedom; and ultimately his heart will be cut out of him because of whose heart he received.

In grave danger‚ profoundly troubled‚ Ryan will face up to the woman and get her out of his life. Prepare for the unexpected in this compelling and fast-paced thriller from the master of suspense.

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