Blood Beast

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Author: Darren Shan
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780007231409
ISBN: 0007231407
Imprint/Brand: Harpercollins
Release Date: Mar 2008
Format: B Paperback
Series: Demonata 05
Number of Pages: 272
Price $AUD: $14.99
Categories: Young Adult

Locked inside Dervish's study. Breath coming quickly, raggedly. Trembling wildly. I still feel sick and dizzy, but maybe that's fear. I force myself to breathe normally, evenly. When I'm in control, I study my reflection, looking for telltale signs. Am I turning into a werewolf? I don't know..."

Grubbs Grady has so far escaped the family curse, but when he begins to experience alarming symptoms at the onset of the full moon, he is scared that the jaws of fate are opening and about to swallow him whole.

He has cheated death, defeated demons, moved on with his life. But Grubbs is torn between the world of magic and his wolfen genes. Can he fight the beast inside or will he fall victim to his tainted blood?

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