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Image of Spiral.

Author: Koji Suzuki
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780007179077
ISBN: 0007179073
Imprint/Brand: Harper Collins
Release Date: 30 Nov 2005
Format: Paperback
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Horror

Stunning, cuttingedge thriller with a chilling supernatural twist from Japan's stylish new literary star, the acclaimed author of Ring.

Pathologist Ando is at a low point in his life. His small son's death from drowning has resulted in the breakup of his marriage and he is suffering from traumatic recurrent nightmares. Work is his only escape and his depressing world of loneliness and regret is shaken up when an old rival from medical school, Ryuji Takayama, turns up on his slab ready to be dissected.

Through Ryuji's bizarre demise Ando learns of a series of mysterious deaths that seem to have been caused by a sinister virus. From beyond the grave Ryuji appears to be leading Ando towards a suspicious videotape could this hold the answer to the riddle of the strange deaths? Or is it merely the first clue? When Ando meets Mai, an attractive former student of Ryuji's, his desire to solve the puzzle transcends curiosity and becomes a matter of life or death.

Spiral is the stunning sequel to the highly acclaimed Ring and can also be read as a standalone.

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